More than that :)

                                                                       i miss you
                                                      more than ever now that you left
                                                                  i am use to you
                                                             being gone for a week . 
                                                             but forever is something
                                                            i never thought to except

                                                                   i still see you
                                                          giving me that crooked smile :)
                                                    and telling me everything will be alright
                                                        i should known you were wrong .
                                                          but i thought that your smile
                                                              and words doesn't lie

                                                                 i trusted you
                                                              with all my heart ,
                                                          but know i am hollow
                                              because you stole what was rightfully mine
                                                             you stole my heart,
                                                           my soul ,and my pride
                                              but i miss you more with every passing day !
rajinya dia membaca :D thnxs love ♥