i miss myex boyfriend ♥

hmm .imissyou fiq :(
 when i want to sleep ,i remember you :)
when i woke up.i still remember you.
did you know it all ?
you do not know it , because you are busy with ur new lover!
never mind :)
what important now.you still love me.right?hehe
okayy.iloveyoutoo :p

to you capital F
i can't stop thinking about you !
why why why ?
because imissyou too much more and more !
you miss me too ,right ? huahua
tetapi kamu EGO dan keras kepala takmahu mengaku :p

hug me and kiss me baby .aumaum !
waiting for a newboyfriend :)
ade ke?haha sabar jelaa

rajinya dia membaca :D thnxs love ♥